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seethedivide's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
Hi there. Writing the bio is the most painful part of every website experience, so I'm gonna try to make it as simple as possible:

- I'm the person on Tumblr that has hosted three Fallout Weeks
- ...and keeps writing long-winded Fallout theories.
- I used to make gifs, but after a years-long break I'm starting to embrace the artist side of my personality again (it's about damn time)
- I'm mostly self-taught
- Art is pain and I love it
- I especially enjoy working with ink because it gives me the chance to work on the smallest details
- This website is a maze for me right now
- I sign my works with a triangle; the first time I used it, it was during a Secret Santa like game in a summer camp. The person I was assigned to kept receiving gifts from me for a week, and there was always a note with this triangle attached to it. For some reason, it totally freaked her out. I still don't know why, but I decided to keep it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To whoever is reading this: welcome to my page and I hope that you enjoy what you are seeing :)


The Tree of Life
A fanart of young!Ulysses.

The different patterns of the picture represent different stages of his life. First: his time as part of the Twisted Hairs. I used the design of Ulysses' scaring to create this pattern. Then, the alliance between Caesar's Legion (represented by the olive branches) and the tribe. Then, the inevitable end of the alliance and a fight between the Legion and those who were ready to oppose Caesar. 
Some years later: Ulysses' discovery of the Divide and soon after - it's destruction. Finally, the last two patterns represent his time in Zion with the Whitelegs (the patterns is inspired by their tribal symbols) and his obsession with the Courier: the lines in the sky twist and form something resembling a water twist - or a backwards written 6.
The Last Survivor of Vault 11
This picture was used as a reference…

I'm not exactly happy with this piece - could have been better - but still, here it is :) It illustrates the moment the last survivor of Vault 11 leaves the bunker and sees the world above. It's also an OC of mine, with the name Batiste whom I love very much :P    
Notte Stellata
Something I initially started out of boredom. I didn't even know where I was going with this picture at first but after I noticed that one of the patterns resembled constellations, I decided to take the universe as a general theme of this piece.

I had a lot of fun with it! And I've never made anything using this technique on an A3 paper size before.

Also, the pattern in the bottom right corner almost killed me.


No journal entries yet.


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Only after joining Deviantart and finding you here have I realized how many great fanarts have been made by one single person. There was no way for me /not/ to subscribe :) Your art is absolutely stunning. Also: I can't believe how many tarot cards you've managed to draw; I gave it a try once and the process was pure pain and frustration :P
Anyhow, great work, I'm happy to have found you!
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